Clothing for freedom

Children like to feel free. Nojolia clothes are made to be free: every movement becomes easy and pleasant. Our trousers are the result of continuous and passionate research. Nojolia is a small project, beautiful and handmade. For this reason, it is truly in tune with the world of the youngest, and accompanies them in a natural way over time.
Nojola is a line of abruptness created by designer Janne Geyer: sustainability and German production quality – an Italian passion for fashion, materials and colours.

Our fabrics are certified GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard: organic fabrics selected at all levels with strict environmental and social criteria.

Create your own style

All Nojolia clothes are handmade and personalized to your specifications. Design the right trousers for you by choosing sizes, colours and patterns. Combine it together to create a unique garment.