A little one woman company for handcrafted fashion. All products are designed and made in Italy at the Gardalake, by Janne Geyer german-italian industrial designer. “I’ve always had a fable for fashion and sustainability. Wherever I can, I try to take conscious decisions respecting our environment. Most of the fabrics I use are organic, in 2019 about 95% of all textiles I elaborated for my finale products have the Gots certification (that means that the textiles certification is organic thorough the whole production process; from growing the cotton till dying, NO CHILDWORK and equal salaries for every production country). If I’d have to define my work with just one word I would say: Slowfashion!
All products are made by myself, most of the time tailor-made and for this reason only after your order. This means that it will take about 2, sometimes even 3 weeks till your order will be delivered to your home (depending also on where you live). I like to share my daily work on social media. Please follow my profiles on Instagram or Facebook (@nojolia). There you can see the ideas behind new goods, how I work and the process taking me to the final products .

Who am I, very briefly: I was born and grow up in Germany, daughter of a Dutch mother and German father. At the age of 20 I moved to Milan – Italy, to study fashion design at the “IED”. I quit after just one year and enrolled the Politecnico di Milano for Industrial Design, where I got my master’s degree in 2004. I worked as a Product Desiger in Milan for a couple years. When I got married and our first daughter was born, we decided to change live and moved to beautiful Arco at the Gardalake. Now our family is quite big: 3 kids, a dog and a horse, they have definitely been the major inspiration for me to start making clothes.