2o anni

2o anni
3 November 2017 Marco Quaggiotto

Today, twenty years ago, I arrived in Milan. I was 20 years old and an old red VW Polo, and the belief that I could do anything. About 30 minutes later I realized that although I was speaking good English, I would not have combined anything here. But nothing at all! And, I admit, he panicked me. I had definitely overvalued myself! But I didn’t have much choice. I could tell my own people that I couldn’t do it. I would have come back. Private school (European Institute of Design) and language school were already paid in advance. No, I should at least have tried. And then I also have that ego, which does not allow me to give up without even trying.

So I started looking for the landlords, asked all over Milan for directions and finally I found my room for rent. Luckily, I had two roommates, Cristina and Nadia, fantastic. They took me under their wings and made me know Italy – they introduced me to half of Milan and the Italian way of life.

Thinking about that period excites me very much. I had to set aside many aspects of my Nordic culture, so that I could really get to know these people so warm, open and even casinists. Here, I can say it…., you make a lot of casino. To speak, gesticulate and try to make the other understand what you think. It took me a long time, about a year or so, before I understood what was said to me and above all before I could respond. But then a world opened up for me. A world that I have learned to love a lot. Everyone wanted to make me know something about Italian culture. I recently saw that film with Julia Roberts “Love, eat, pray” when she comes to Italy and is invited into the Family. They eat, talk, laugh…. here I was crying. That was so. They invited me to their home, they taught me how to eat the jets only with the fork. It took a while to appreciate all this, but once I understood it I couldn’t do without it anymore. I remained. And not by chance. But because I really like Italy. Every now and then I think that everything would be easier in Germany. More security, more work, more regularity. But I fell in love with Italy.

At the age of twenty I was so. Very alternative. Piercing and turban. Always. When I was on the subway everyone looked at me with curiosity and many people wanted to know if it hurt me.

The piercing I’ve held them almost 10 years…. But one day I looked at myself in the mirror and for some reason, in a fraction of a second, I decided that it was past and took it off.

Instead, my acid green band has practically melted after so many years and I have never found another one so beautiful. The other day I found him at home and immediately took the measures and made a Nojola. I will go for the next 20 years!

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